"The Time Traveler's Dilemma". A Story told with Artificial Intelligence

An Original Short Story by Nem Perez
Starring John Boyega & Zoe Kravitz.

“The Time Traveler’s Dilemma” - A man lost in time during an exploration mission is left stranded on a strange planet. During his journey, he discovers a beautiful woman and her tribe. Her people teach him their ways & warn him of the dangers that lie on the outskirts. He’s torn between the decision of returning home or staying to pursue something more powerful.

An original concept created by me and written by chat-GPT. It's “Co-Directed” by MidJourney and brought to life by @runwayapp Gen-2. Narrated by Eleven Labs. All of the imagery you’re seeing is completely generated by Ai. The editing, sound design and final titles were created in Adobe Premiere & After Effects.

This is a film concept I've been imagining for years which today serves as a case study for how far Ai technology has come. The movie is inspired by my love for science fiction and space operas. As a filmmaker, I find Ai to be an invaluable instrument, empowering us to transform our visions into reality. Considering the substantial budget required to bring this ambitious project to life, projects like this are a great way of showcasing my skills as a storyteller.

Tools Used

Editorial: Adobe Premiere & After Effects

Images: Midjourney

Video: Runway + D-ID (lip sync)

Voiceover: Elevenlabs

Music: Musicbed

SFX: Envato

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